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Dative verbs. The dative case, ergo the dative possessive determiners, is also used with dative verbs. Some examples of dative verbs are antworten, geben, gefallen, glauben, gratulieren, helfen, schaden, weh tun, and zuhören. Looking at the two other major cases of Greek Nouns, we have the genitive case and the dative case.

Possessive dative greek

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So Demonstrative'Advcrb omitted ; so with that and Article; rarely  possessive. noun (synonyms): In Latin, there are six cases: nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, ablative, and vocative. På latin finns det sex fall: nominativ,  On the placement of possessive clitics in Modern Greek2008Ingår i: ΕΠΙ ΤΗΣ ΟΥΣΙΑΣ - Studies in Honour of Jussi Korhonen, BOD, Helsinki , 2008Kapitel i bok,​  Learn Icelandic with Label as you would do in a language school. Real grammar lessons covering the whole Icelandic language. Native voicing and tons of  21 dec. 2013 — αναγκη – behöver, Greek To English – ανάγκη n. constraint, want, necessitousness, τῷ • (tō).

The dative is used with esse and similar words to denote possession. I have a father at home. Man has a likeness to God. Note— The genitive or a possessive with esse emphasizes the possessor; the dative, the fact of possession.


More in   CASE - N = Nominative, A = Accusative, G = Genitive, D = Dative. GENDER - M = Masculine. F = Feminine, N = Neuter. NUMBER - S = Singular, P = Plural.

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Possessive dative greek

You can also notice how the dative comes into play by marking the person to/for whom the action (direct object) was taken. I wash (for) MYSELF the hands.

? answering to the questions:to whom to what? or accusative 4. the or objectivecase questions: whom?
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Possessive dative greek

The attributive  av I Larsson · 2009 · Citerat av 64 — tense from a construction with possessive HAVE and a tenseless participial com- plement Complementizer Phrase. Dat. Dative.

greenfly possession. possessions.
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Matić's Model(Matić, Dejan. 2003.

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Mig, possessive dative. Till spillo is an antiquated dative. Gothic is virtuallly only atested in a word-for-word translation of the Greek Bible​. or follow the noun, but possessive pronouns are only atested following it. in the runic corpus; they govern either dative, as in the examples in 41 and 42 , or  Modern Greek I^anguage,. Icelandic Comparison of Adjectives 25 Irregular Comparisons Personal Pronouns 27 Possessive Pronouns 28 Demonstrative Pronouns,.